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An Immersive Experience is a narrative or theme-based installation where every aspect of the audience's world is considered; a world that, unlike theatre or cinema, allows for movement, exploration and interaction and attempts to engage all of the visitor's senses. It must fire the imagination sufficiently to suspend disbelief to completely engulf an individual in the scenarios we create.


Immersive experiences are growing in popularity as they offer a unique and engaging experience, create moments of shock, surprise and wonder, and create lasting memories for individuals, families and groups of friends. They allow the kind of adventures previously only seen in films or games and they allow a deeper engagement and exploration of favourite brands, worlds and characters.


Immersive experience design involves putting yourself in the shoes of guests, crafting a narrative that includes what they are seeing, hearing and even what they are feeling and thinking at every step of their journey. We consider how they discovered the event or attraction, how they are feeling as they leave and everything in between.


This is how we create awe-inspiring, industry-leading immersive experiences.

Art Direction


Our experiences would be nothing without stunning visuals and, perhaps more importantly, cohesion across the experience as a whole. We want you to enter a living, breathing world of possibility and imagination.


While we are confident and responsible custodians of other's IP, we have also had some creative hits of our own, such as comprehensive technical and artistic integrations at Kings Mall, London, compelling particle effects at Broadgate, and original art direction for the MacGuffin Project Escape Room in Bournemouth, Bristol Zoo restaurantPI Immersive at Glastonbury, The Smiler rollercoaster pre-show at Alton Towers and many more.

Show/ Creative Direction


The goals of each project need to inform all project stages, from the grandest intention to the smallest detail. We have created, implemented and maintained strong and successful show and creative direction for Dreamworks, NickelodeonMerlin Entertainment and others, right across the globe.


We design and deliver immersive experiences based on our clients' needs, we can work from existing IP and ideas, or create some for you. We can work with a space you own or source one for you.


We can work with install partners, or entirely handle the installation ourselves. Our process is entirely scalable. Costs depend on all the above considerations, but we can present a bronze, silver and gold breakdown for each new project.

Show Programming


We understand that to be fully immersive every single aspect of the experience has to work together. Our show programming ensures that all elements of audio, visual, lighting, mechanical and additional 4D effects such as scent, temperature or wind, etc are fully unified and triggered at the correct points in the visitor journey.


Installation is part of the service, as is software integration across the board. This is all controlled from a central space meaning all aspects of the show are under your fingertips. Additionally, remote access is included to help get any tricky situations under control quickly.

Interactive Design


With our work focussed on immersive experience, interactive design is an essential tool to help keep our audience engaged. This can take many forms.


We utilise game engines Unity and Unreal as well as designing our own software solutions.


We incorporate all manner of technology - smart cameras, pressure pads, motion, proximity and audio sensors.


We consider touchpoints at every step of the experience.


And we never overlook the simple; an action as prosaic as opening a door or switching on a light can yield surprising and delightful results.



One of our essential tools. We use storyboarding, of course, to help visualise our video and interactive output but also to help describe and share user journeys with clients and investors. This can be especially valuable in helping to explain new technology to show how people will engage and what they can expect to experience.


Content-wise we have created detailed storyboards that have been approved by the creators for Gangsta Granny, Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel's Iron Man, Octonauts, Shrek, and Magic Light PicturesThe Gruffalo and Room on the Broom.

Immersive AV


Video creation is a huge part of what we do but what sets us apart is how we use it. Rather than sitting on a screen our video content forms part of a larger experience and is incorporated in creative and surprising ways; from total projection mapping coverage over complicated geometry to Pepper's Ghost and other illusionary effects to holographic characters inhabiting your world to integrated, animated way-finding and AR solutions, seamless, intelligent and imaginative integration with the space is as as important as the content itself.


Similarly our audio solutions, including spatial and directional effects, centralised midi control, event-syncing, multi-layered narrative-driven scores and AMSR soundscapes bring an extra dimension of immersion to our installations.

Attraction Themebooks


Themebooks are an exhaustive and detailed blueprint to instruct the building of attraction spaces. We start with the big idea; a clear and succinct idea of what the experience will be. Then every detail is considered, down to the precise placement of speakers, lights, projectors and other hardware, and the dimensions, design and fully-realised visualisation of the theming that holds it all together, including any material specifications.


We have delivered comprehensive designs for Sea Life Sydney and Sea Life ShanghaiRoom on the Broom at Chessington World of Adventures, Shrek's Adventure, London, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Dream Island Themepark, Moscow, Tatort Experience in Madame Tussauds, Berlin, LEGOLAND Mythica at LEGOLAND Windsor resort and many more.

Experience Mapping


An experience map visualises a user’s processes, requirements, and perceptions as they proceed through a particular journey, and can help us to meet their expectations . It’s a means of capturing and communicating the user interactions and touchpoints that they experience in the context of a larger experience.


 An essential component of this process, in its own right, is comprehending and mapping the visitor's emotional journey.


Before embarking on the design phase we consider, develop and map the goals that we need to achieve. This then becomes an indispensable referral point through the rest of the process.

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