Sealife Shanghai: Octonauts

Enter the Octopod and save the baby rays!

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Working with Merlin Entertainment, Sea Life and Silvergate Media, we designed an immersive aquarium experience based on the hit children's TV show, Octonauts

All the spaces are designed as if you're in the Octonaut's HQ using strong, vibrant colours and clean, chunky forms. We even designed pods that are submerged in the ocean tank and can be seen from the control room!

A story-driven experience takes visitors through beautifully realised spaces, guiding each action through the show's characters. Animation, interative games, lighting design, show-controlled doors and a persistent soundtrack puts the guests at the heart of the Octonaut's response to an emergency situation; including a special, 360 degree animated episode of The Octonauts!

A variety of multi-player interactive games were designed for Peso's games lab, including programmable, personal spotlights and a real-time score board.

Two highlights are the multi-player games lab allowing simultaneous play for up to 30 guests, and a 360 degree show that uses state-of-the-art display technology to transition seamlessly between a specially created Octonauts episode and the view of the ocean tank itself.

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