Myths and Legends

Live the legends! Themed interactive and immersive visitor attraction

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Seeper have designed a unique, immersive and fully customisable attraction to bring the stories of different societies and cultures to life. In focus here are some of the legends of the United Arab Emirates.

Take a magic carpet ride through the wild, desert night, commune with Djinns and handle long-lost magical treasures. The Museum and Myths of Legends brings cultural history to life by putting you right at the heart of the story!

Using cutting edge technology and experience design to immerse guests in the culture and local stories, the attraction offers some truly astonishing moments.

Operated from a single fully inegrated show control system, RFID braclets, audio guides, motion platforms, projection mapping and mixed media displays are integral to the design and to fully engaging guests with the various exhibits.

To design each part of the museum, initially the visitor experience was considered and how the space flows from area to area. Secondly, the content and narrative was used to explore how we wanted the guests to feel, what they would see, do and experience. Finally, these explorations were used to inform which technologies could convey that message in the best way possible.

Seeper have worked on a huge and diverse range of culturally specific attractions. If you have an idea you want us to explore, or if you need inspiration we can help! The Myths and Legends system is designed to adapt to any region or mythology.
And why stop at myths and legends? The system adapts just as easily to showcase sports, cinema, history, literature, space travel or whatever you can think of!