We are opening up our R&D Lab and sharing our work-in-progress as well as a selection of past research.

  • HoloShip

    A bumpy ride

    Prototype for the world's first mixed-reality ride

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  • Lego Man

    He senses you, moves to find you and talks

    Internally projected LEGO man, that has sensor to find faces. When he finds a face he turns towards you and talks! V1 building towards an AI driven, voice recognition and synthesis version.

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  • Face Mapper

    Your face teleported onto a mannequin!

    Tracks your face in real time and projection maps it onto a physical 3D head.

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  • Shadow Monsters

    Find your inner demon!

    A realtime augmented shadow!

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  • Pouring Particles

    Realtime particle tracking and fluid dynamics!

    Objects held up to the camera will be recognised and then can be filled with particles.

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  • SeeForm VR Mixed Reality

    Bringing the real world into the Virtual world.

    Using a camera on a VR headset we can scan an environment and manipulate it or introduce real objects into the virtual world. Imagine being passed a bottle of beer and seeing it appear in VR.

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  • Live Logo 3D

    It's alive!

    Maps real-time particles to a physical logo.

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  • Live Sketch

    It's a draw!

    Software which captures and renders your image in a hand drawn style.

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  • Live Logo

    Particle playground!

    A particle fluid dynamics demo, controlled by hand gestures using Kinect. Get in touch if you'd like awesome gesture controlled signage!

  • Monolith

    Real time demoscene Beauty

    Showing what's possible with real-time computer graphics

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  • Mrs Escher’s Nightmare

    Doddling in C++

    Simulate hand drawing using only computer graphics in real-time

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  • Violent Nature

    Generative Music driven noodlegasm

    Exploring real-time graphics and physics driven by music

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  • Guitartron

    Watch out Johnny Marr

    Create a programmatic, robotic guitar!

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  • Cube

    It Follows You!

    World's first projection mapped victorian cube illusion.

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  • Blow Me Away

    Interactive Air Control

    Using your body to control air and disturb what's within.

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