Museums and Galleries

We create immersive museum exhibitions, interactive installation art and gallery experiences that entice new and repeat visitors

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Are you building a new museum, exhibition or gallery, or enhancing an exsisting one? We will create you an innovative world class visitor experience that will make you stand out

We design and build innovative museum and gallery exhibition experiences, that entice, immerse and educate visitors, whilst generating press and revenue

We start by designing your visitor journey, exploring the content and stories you want to tell, bringing this to life with concept art and virtual walk throughs; so you can see and experience your attraction before it's built

We use a range of creative, interactive, digital and mobile technologies, including, video, animation and 3D motion graphics, lighting, sound, projection mapping, show control, gesture, touch, motion, face and eye tracking. XR extended reality, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, MR mixed reality and more...

We work with you to generate press attention and target your key audience. With innovation at the center we entice new and repeat visitors, enhance your brand, increase footfall, profile and revenue

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