Little Big City Beijing

The epic tale of one city on a miniature scale

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To fully immerse guest in historical and cultural scenes of Beijing's past, using multi-sensory effects and audiovisual displays

Our content designers had a field day with the beautiful cultural imagery of China, interweaving myths and legends into the miniature scenes of Beijing. We used complex projection mapping and subtly integrated digital displays to tell these stories, offering opportunities for guests to interact and play using touch and joystick controls

We collaborated with expert model builders to produce intricate landscapes, from the Hutongs in 1200 A.D to sets of the famous CCTV entertainment show in the late 1980s

We synchronised mechanical movement, with projection mapping and SFX, using a central control system that orchestrated all displays

Case study

Visitors take a journey through the experience as night turns to day, and displays respond to guests, culminating in an epic finale that does justice to Beijing's explosive history