Culture House

Democratising Cultural Curation

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Seeper are currently engaged in the overall experience design of a major new public building in Sunderland. The objectives of Culture House are:

  • An experience centred on people and community development
  • Open, accessible and accommodating to everyone
  • An incubator and exciter of talent, creativity and innovation
  • A repository of knowledge and culture
  • A collaborative community space
  • A celebration of Sunderland, past, present and future

Culture House represents an incredible opportunity to reimagine how individual people and a community interact with local council services.


In addition to documenting, showcasing and nurturing cultural development, the building will feature a sophisticated centralised control system allowing unprecedented control over content management and curation.


The result will be an adaptive and responsive environment that feels intuitive and allows local residents and visitors alike to explore, develop and create.

Seeper are integrating design at the architectural level to ensure that all systems are part of the structure and fabric of the building itself.



Further to that, our work will extend out into the city itself using data from city-based systems (traffic, weather, footfall, pollution, etc) and sharing information on a personal level via an individual's mobile.

Seeper are also designing the graphical approach and UX of the content and various interfaces within Culture House in order to deliver a cohesive, holistic experience throughout.

Major aspects of design include;


A 4-level high atrium space containing large-scale, 360 degree screens to deliver awe-inspiring, immersive content.


Integrated digital way-finding throughout the entire building.


Real-time data visualisation and response via the City Eye, a deep-dive exploration of Sunderland itself.


Innovative interactive local history exhibits  featuring responsive, digital people.