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We create innovative, immersive and interactive corporate environments and control rooms that propel your brand and workplace into the future

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We design experiences that educate and inspire. We encourage collaboration, make the complex simple and data tangible


We design and build the world's most advanced visitor showrooms, demo spaces, head offices, receptions, and work places

We start by designing your visitor journey, exploring the content and stories you want to tell, bringing this to life with concept art and virtual walk throughs; so you can see and experience your space before it's built

We use a range of creative, interactive, digital and mobile technologies, including, data visualisation, video, animation and 3D motion graphics, lighting, sound, projection mapping, show control, gesture, touch, motion, face and eye tracking. XR extended reality, VR virtual reality, AR augumented reality, MR mixed reality and more...

We create spaces for your internal team, clients, visitors, investors, friends and family. Spaces that showcase your product, software, brand, business or company

We can transform any bricks and mortar office space into a smart, collaborative hub, enticing visitors, maximising productivity and engagement. From immersive showrooms and interactive sales models to smart offices and collaborative software solutions, we can give your business or head office an innovative edge

We empower your team with interactive controls and devices that enable them to transform the space in a touch of a button. To gain insight into data, create an event space, host a presentation, meeting and more...

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