Alef Education Control Room

Immersive Control Room

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We were challenged to create the world's most advanced control room. Using our experience to create an immersive visitor journey into the future of education. The concept centers around the control room being a sentient AI (Artificial Intelligence) that responds to visitors by serving up real time content and an experience that is relevant to them.

We designed a 9 stage experience, profiling types of visitors and the information relevant to them. This was visualised in 3D allowing us to virtually walk around the space before creating a technical design to build the real thing. Alongside this we designed custom tablet and data visualisation software to control the space, advanced motion graphics and 3D animation, sound design, music composition, lighting design and more.

Central to the space is a large LED data wall running a piece of software we created called the Knowledge Graph. This software takes live data from the client and enables them to display huge datasets of information in relation to work they do. Driven by a large multi-touch screen the operator can filter through the data, browse and manipulate it in real time to showcase the clients offering.

A number of innovate hardware and software solutions enable this uniquely powerful and immersive control room. A central show control system enables us to trigger lighting, sound, animation, software, mechanical doors, blinds and more in unison. In addition bespoke software runs on a series of x10 tablets around the space. This enables anyone to control all elements of the space at at a push of a button.


This world leading facility is exclusively for world leaders, heads of state, minisiters, royals, school leaders and others involved in education. In addition it is used on a day to day basis by the internal team to monitor their own IT systems and gain insights into real time data.

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