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Journey into the heart of LEGO® MYTHICA’s Magical Forest and discover the magnificent LEGO creatures that dwell within the mysterious woodland.

While staying close to the much-loved brand that is LEGO, we took every opportunity to stage our world in beautiful environments, turning a forgotten piece of backlot into a compelling and fully-realised alternative world.

Expanding on an existing concept, we designed and developed a whole new area of park dedicated to meeting and exploring some of the colourful and magical inhabitants of the Mythica realm. Everything was considered from initial concept, visitor experience and narrative development through to 3D visualisation, show, lighting, sfx and audio direction.

Concepts included a themed magical forest walkthrough, immersive audio, lighting and AV-based special effects, LEGO models and interactive games for guests of all ages.

We carefully incorporated technology to bring the transformative nature of these creatures to life, including magic pools, inquisitive crabs and fiery baby dragons. At each stage the visitors are invited to make themselves part of the story with plenty of opportunity for interaction and social sharing.

The climactic Dragon's cave immerses visitors within the creature's volcanic lair. The creature has 360 degrees of freedom to fly above and around them.

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