Dopamine Land

Immersive Popcorn, Ground is your Enemy game and Lucid Dreams...

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We were tasked by the Fever Originals team to develop three interactive and immersive rooms as part of the Dopamine Land experience. The concept was to allow guests to explore the different ways to trigger a dopamine response whilst exploring multiple unique spaces.

A combination of themed set design, lighting, sound, technology and motion graphics animations bring these immersive and interactive experiences to life. For The Ground is Your Enemy we designed and created all elements from scratch, including the stunning, custom-built interactive LED tiles.

The vertigo-inducing infinity floor-tiles of The Ground is Your Enemy react to the route taken.

In Lucid Dreams, the fractured reality of the infinity reflections is enhanced with ASMR audio layers to create a truly all-encompassing experience .

The entire project was designed and built in 6 weeks! Crazy!

From the Willhelm scream to duelling lightsabres, can you spot the dozens of Easter Eggs in the Popcorn Room?

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