MacGuffin Escape Room

Step into the beautiful world of the forgotten MacGuffin Carnival

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The challenge was to create a next generation escape room, using hidden interactive technology to augment visitor interaction and create a thrillingly responsive experience

We combined intricately designed steam-punk theming with a carefully thought out player journey, to transport visitors into the world of the MacGuffin Carnival

We were responsible for full design and delivery, from concept through to technical design and installation

A brand new approach to escape-room design - tightly integrated SFX and interactive tech breathes life into the MacGuffin carnival characters and escape-room challenges

What separates this from any other escape room is our custom show-control system that unifies all show elements with visitor game-play, creating an eerily responsive and engaging escape-room attraction

Co-founder Gareth Quinlan, said: “We have really tried to create a state-of-the-art escape room attraction for Bournemouth that is so much more than just trying to find your way out of a locked room"

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