Ongoing Support

We can help with content updates and support services

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We offer a package of content updates to ensure the installation can be refreshed cost effectively.


Our technical solutions include remote performance monitoring, diagnostics and remote servicing - this enables us to preempt a hardware malfunction and to connect and resolve maintenance issues remotely.


We deliver detailed operations and maintenance manuals and provide training to relevant personnel on site as required.

Content Updates


We provide remote content updates, create client facing content management systems and much more. We create backend systems that give operators and management teams unparalleled creative freedom. 


Update content directly or through third parties, or engage our internal teams (and their familiarity with Seeper's systems) to create world-class media renewals and enhancements.

Onsite Support


We train and manage onsite support and operations teams around the world. We have decades of experience building and maintaining innovative and immersive attractions, themed entertainment and experiential activations and events with a wide variety of systems and procedures.

Remote Diagnostics


We can provide you with web-based administration tools enabling you to take control of your project from any device. Web tools provide the basics of powering up and down, launching shows, systems warnings and also provide content management updates and re-programming. We always build remote support and diagnostics functions into our show control systems allowing the Seeper support team to quickly identify and potentially resolve issues anywhere in the world instantly. This minimises downtime and potential costs.

Usage Analytics


We can capture data about your project in a number of ways:

  • Touch or click on a screen on mobile or similar device
  • Sensors monitor where and how close people are
  • Eye-tracking records where people’s attention is
  • Face tracking for emotional analysis
  • User journey mapping through a space gives feedback on flow-through, dwell-time and utility
  • Identify specific users through RFID cards, mobile and more.
  • Demographic indentification such as:
    • gender
    • nationality
    • age


From this data we can provide you with web based reporting and analysis. This enables us to develop, enhance and adapt longer term experiences over time.

Service & maintenance


As a company we have experience since 1998 in supporting and maintaining installations around the world. We create detailed maintenance documents, O&M manuals and supporting documentation as part of our technical design proces to ensure each installation runs smoothly for as long as it needs to.