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We create the world's most innovative and immersive landmark visitor experiences

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We design and build world-leading, innovative attractions for global landmarks that entice, immerse and educate visitors using cutting edge technology solutions and experience design practices

We provide a unique offering combining experience design, creative content production and technical delivery from software to hardware

We start by designing a comprehensive visitor journey and bringing this to life with concept art and virtual walkthroughs using state of the art technology like game engines so you can see and experience the attraction even before it's built

We use a range of creative, interactive, digital and mobile technologies, including, video, animation and 3D motion graphics, lighting, sound, projection mapping, show control, gesture, touch, motion, face and eye tracking. XR extended reality, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, MR mixed reality and more…

We work with landmarks to develop existing attractions or create entirely new experiences using our intimate knowledge of the attraction industry. Using strategic planning we entice new and repeat visitors, enhance brands, increase footfall, profiles and overall revenue

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Culture House

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