Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium

Immersive day to night coral reef experience

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We were tasked by Merlin Entertainment to develop an immersive walk-through journey of the Great Barrier reef. Visitors experience natural events unique to specific times of day and the life cycle of turtles, as the reef transforms from day to night.

We produced all audiovisual content for the attraction in-house, including gesture-based interactive software, music composition and sound design, 3D projection mapped animation and touch screen content which allowed visitors to explore the different varieties of fish living around the reef.

We produced a detailed theme book that illustrated the visitor journey and concept ideas. This became the foundation for our technical production of the experience.  

We used laser sensors to trigger animated footsteps on a projected bioluminescent beach shoreline, allowing guests to create patterns and splash in the phosphorescence, while we mapped the surroundings with nighttime beach scenes, transporting visitors to a tropical island.

The challenge was to engage visitors of all ages with life on the reef, animal behaviour and the human impact on the oceans. While building a connection with this unique eco-system through experience and interaction.

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