Kings Mall

Social media controlled retail

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Our objective was to attract the next generation into the newly redevelopment Kings Mall shopping center in Hammersmith London.

The entire mall was designed in 3D so we could walk through it virtually to envisage the space. Custom motion graphics animations were created to depict different seasons, time of day and weather. These geometric, oscillating patterns integrate with the brand identity for the mall and the architecture of the building itself.

We designed a system that enables visitors to use social media in order to transform the exterior and interior of the building. Sending pulses of light and sound from outside to the inside, personalising the look and feel of the mall to them.

Custom software was created to allow visitors to tweet their favourite colour and transform the mall. When tweeting the system receives the message and then automatically responds to user. In addition software also takes weather data from the internet and an optional weather station, which then selects relevant content to display on the exterior LED screen. Finally there is a content management system that allows operators to upload adverts to the system; all of this is then automatically sequenced by the system.

The exterior features a high resolution LED wall and programmable LED that are integrated into the architecture of the building. Walking inside multi channel audio and LED lighting run across the top of the stores into the atrium. Here at the heart of the mall there is a stunning bespoke lighting sculpture. All of this technology is centrally controlled

Millions of visitors pass by and through the mall every year as one of London's premier retail destinations

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