HoloShip XR Simulator

Prototype for the world's first mixed reality ride

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It’s 2030, you are one of the first tourists to head to the new Mars colony via an in-orbit space station.


What could go wrong?

HoloShip is a prototype of a new-generation entertainment experience from seeper, featuring:


  • mixed reality headsets
  • a themed ‘ship’
  • audiovisual and special effects
  • an interactive multi-tool
  • scalable cooperative interaction

We can create alternative content and experiences, e.g.:


  • Underwater exploration
  • Combat
  • Adapting content from licensed IPs, movies, videogames…
  • Anything!

We can replicate, amend, expand the HoloShip space experience to offer exclusively or non-exclusively. We anticipate individual units supporting up to 8 users. 


We worked alongside games consultancy Tenshi Partners

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Want to us to create your own? Get in touch via hello@seeper.com or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7099 6835