Content Creation

Our Creative Studio

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Storytelling and artistic direction are what define us as a creative studio. We cover a huge range of aesthetics from hand drawn concept art through to next level visual effects and real-time graphics

Illustration and Graphics


Graphic design is a huge part of our process, from originating UI, exhibitions and style bibles to creating signage and artwork for attractions, branding and marketing. We also produce world-class illustration including approved material for Julia DonaldsonAxel Scheffler experiences Room on the Broom and the Gruffalo and Harper Collin's Gangsta Granny

3D Animation and Modelling


We create movie-quality material for clients including Marvel, DisneyDreamworks and Nickelodeon featuring IPs such as Guardians of the Galaxy, ShrekCoco and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We work with all industry-standard pacakges including Cinema 4D, MayaZ-Brush and Houdini.

Software Development  


Working with packages such as UnityUnreal and Snapchat Lens Studio, or creating bespoke, standalone solutions from the ground up, we have produced innovative and reliable software from motion-based games for Disney's Coco and Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot to entire digital suites for ALEF Education in the UAE. We even created our own mapping software with Seeserver, and have produced award-winning particle systems written from the ground up in C++.

User Interface


Creating interactive experiences both for screen and other methodologies has given us huge experience and expertise in creating clear, compelling and beautiful interfaces designed to immerse the user in the experience as quickly and fully as possible.


Aside from producing beautiful visual interfaces for attractions such as Sealife's Fish ID system, we have also produced many more experimental  forms of interaction, such as;

  • SeeMove gesture control - as it sounds, a UI that responds entirely to gestural input
  • Magic Mirror - a system that can read your facial expressions and translate them into other forms. Like fruit.
  • Interactive Boxing Game - a system that can read and apply the force of the impact of your fists in various ways
  • Immersion Box - a mobile, interactive projection system aimed at helping children with autism that takes inputs such as gesture, motion, voice activation and proximity and creates a rich, immersive world around it
  • Clear Noise - an interface activated directly by the user's brain

and many other variations


Filming and Editing  


Our work encompasses quality, scripted Ultra-HD documentary material, and creative video processes such as green-screen and XR studio work. We also edit and composite footage and digital rendered output to lossless video formats specific to project requitrements working with industry-standard packages including NukeAfter-Effects and Premiere Pro

Music and Sound


We create musical scores and all aspects of voice-over and sound effects for our output, including localisation and implementation - interactive, AMSR, spatial, directional and full, immersive soundscapes. We have created original music and audio for Sealife, Seecity/ Canary Wharf, Dopamine Land, our Holoship XR Simulator, and more.

XR Development


We both implement and create content for various XR stages and solutions.A few highlights include a fully interactive digital twin for Sunderland Culture House (ongoing), simultaneous and combined XR and AR content for the Holoship XR simulator.


We originated and installed XR content for Bioluminescent Beach and a large number of extended reality based solutions for the Museum of Myths and Legends interactive exhibition system. We created VR content as part of a celebration of the Magna Carta as part of Lincoln Castle's programme of events.