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Create seamless 360-degree projection mapping of a complex architectural scale model.

We created an exact scale model of this section of London and brought it to life with projection and sound. The animation detail includes reflections in the windows, traffic and people in the streets. A user-friendly tablet control system allows visitors and hosts to choose a variety of modes, including night and day, entertainment and abstract displays that give a unique insight into the complex. 

The seeCity model is part of marketing suite with a customer journey designed to inform and impress.

The seeCity tool developed for the project include a simulation engine that can optimise coverage, resolution and focus of any number of projectors across surfaces of any complexity.

The world's most complex, permanent projection mapping project. We had to design an end-to-end process, which we can now apply in new installations - from masterplan models to single buildings.

The marketing suite is in use seven days a week; you'll need to be in the market for or skyscraper or a very expensive apartment to see it!

A year of hard work for a team of 10 engineers and artists.

We are effectively rendering in 40K, that's no typo, it's a lot of pixels.


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