Technical Design

Precision planning and technical expertise

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Great immersive experiences are a collaboration of multiple industries and disciplines brought together and working in harmony. We offer turnkey solutions for clients looking to create blockbuster immersive experiences

Lighting Design


Lighting design adds theatre and drama to immersive experience and is fundamental in creating the ambience and mood for interaction. Our designers can create beautiful lighting states that work in perfect harmony with AV systems or incredible luminous, sculptural centerpieces.

Audiovisual Technical Design


AV is a key part of our technical design process. Our team need to know the latest equipment and how to get the most out of all audiovisual hardware. Projection mapping calculations, LED screen configurations and audio spatial mapping are all a small part of our detailed technical design.

Custom Software


Increasingly guests demand multiple layers of immersion to an experience and we are experts at creating such multi-layered experiences by using XR technology to enhance and embellish an installation. We develop custom apps and software for XR experiences as well as integrate and build on 3rd party software for data visualisation solutions and similar requirements.


We also develop existing industry-standard packages, including script and C++ integrations with Unity and Unreal and enhanced 3D and animation capabilities using MAXscript and MELscript.

Scenic Integration


Scenic integration is essential for the success of an immersive experience. Technology should be completely invisible as we don't want guests looking at screens when we can allow them to gaze through windows into other worlds! Scenic integration helps hide technology and preserve the illusion and magic.

Show Control


As well as AV equipment, our team need to know how all the hardware systems speak to each other and work together as part of a wider ecosystem. Our industry-leading show control automates, animates and is the beating heart of any innovative attraction.

4D Effects design


Scent machines, wind machines, haptics, water jets, smoke machines, water curtains, mist screens, air cannons, and so much more...


We have provided integrated 4D effects to Gangsta Granny at Alton TowersShrek's Adventure at London County Hall and The Gruffalo River Ride at Chessington World of Adventure

Interaction Design


User experience design forms a key part of our technical pipeline. All digital content needs to be created with the end user in mind; what do the interfaces look like? What is the journey and each of the touchpoints? We design and deliver our own innovative interfaces to create unique and amazing interactive installations.


A few notable successes, among many, have been 007 James Bond Experience, building on Q-Branch's actual in-film interfaces, Clear Noise, originating an interface driven directly by the brain, a dancing game where Baby Groot matches your body moves for a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 promotion and, on the success of that, another for Pixar's Coco

Animatronics and Mechanical Design


Seeper has been heavily involved in mechanical aspects of experience design, including containing an in-house engineering and innovation workshop which, in addition to supporting installation work, had a remit to pioneer new products.


Mechanical integration has come in the form of Straws, Seeper's very own, patented volumetric display solution, animatronic drivers for large-scale LEGO minifigures, and dynamic physical integrations with living figures such as Rico Verhoeven's Boxing Experience and interactive hybrid software/ mechanical puzzles for the MacGuffin Project Escape Room.