Installation & Launch

Realising the potential of our designs

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Every detail, every challenge and every decision is capably managed by our team of specialist directors, producers and project managers.



We have worked in over 20 countries around the world and our procurement team is expert at creating and maintaining large and complex global supply chains for event or install equipment, product prototyping and rollout and touring shows. We do everything possible to predict, mitigate and ensure delivery for each project regardless of where that project is.

Project Management


Our project managers and producers are some of the best in the industry with experience in keeping budgets on track and building exceptional project teams with a wide range of specialisms.

Build & Install Supervision


To ensure highest possible standards, each seeper project team is responsible for quality control and install supervision on each project. With extensive experience in managing a wide range of 3rd party suppliers and working with local teams around the world we ensure that each project is built to our exacting standards and on schedule.

IP & Creative Guardianship


Working with some of the world's biggest entertainment brands we have learned a trick or two for working with well known and loved IPs.


We have been trusted with Pixar's CocoNickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMarvel's Groot and Iron ManHarper Collin's Gangsta Granny, Magic Light Picture's Gruffalo and Room on the BroomLEGO's Ninjago and Mythica and many, many more high-profile IPs.

Vendor Management


Creating immersive experiences involves a huge range of 3rd party suppliers and services from set builders, interior designer and architects to specialist tech suppliers, inventors and entertainment providers. Our in-house teams can effectivly manage all services thank to extremely diverse skills and project histories.

Press Launch


Once each attraction has been built, tested and handed over to operational teams and tested again we have to tell the world about the new experiences we create. Our production teams are experts at managing press launches and ensure the opening day and press coverage happens without a hitch.