Queens of the Metaverse

Mixed Reality Fashion Show

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Seeper designed, created and hosted an event for Meta, a fashion show for unique designs created in a virtual reality environment and modelled by some of the UK's most influential drag artists.


The aim of the event was to tell the story of the design process, showcase the queens (and king!) and designers, and demonstrate how the metaverse can be used as a tool to empower designers.


In addition to physical garments the show was digitally enhanced with audio, lighting and AR displays that were combined to create a hybrid physical and digital environment. There was also an opportunity for guests to explore some of the technologies and concepts involved.


Not least, Seeper created and curated sets and content for an exciting fashion show and party, including hi-energy video backdrops and choreographed stage performances.

All elements of the show were considered and designed by Seeper, from venue selection to catering, choreography, set and stage design, lighting, music and digital content.


All aspects were carefully balanced in order to convey the narrative of the design process as the visitors made their way through the venue to the main stage.

Aside from the show, visitors were encouraged to participate in other events and enhancements.


-AR posters allowed surprises and deeper explorations via phones and mobile devices.


-Visitors could star in their own runway shows using the Reels Runway; a treadmill, fans and digital background replacement let them capture their own moves in a Reel to be uploaded to Facebook and other Meta platforms.


-Oculus Quest 2 headsets were provided.


-An AR-zone allowed visitors to experience the star's AR costumes for themselves.


-The campaign itself was conveyed throughout on a carefully designed narrative journey.

Seeper also created a real-time VR version of the venue and various installations in order to preview and help communicate the experience.


This digital version was created in Unreal and had desktop and standalone versions that could be experienced via Meta's Oculus Quest 2 headset.

The outfits for the fashion show were designed in VR, using Gravity Sketch before being created as real-world garments and then further enhanced with digital AR elements.

Collaboration happened both within the Metaverse and the real world.

The event was a huge success, pushing the boundaries of physical and digital integration, providing a showcase to both upcoming and established talent, nurturing diversity and encouraging inclusive exploration in a party atmosphere.

Celebrity attendees included Gok Wan and Nicole Sherzinger.