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Snapchat AR Mindful-verse Experience

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To create an AR experience, aimed primarily at young people from care-home backgrounds moving into their first, solo residence.


The intention of the app is to promote peace and mindfulness through the construction and manipulation of a spatially-based soundscape. 

Seeper and Leap ran workshops with a selection of target young people, via Barnardos.


The objective was to identify some key emotions, such as worry, sadness, tiredness, etc and reach consensus to match them to a series of pre-chosen visual forms. 


These forms were then matched to a short audio or music-based sequence considered to be antidotal to each particular emotion.

Using Snapchat and Lens Studio, we created instances of each form with the chosen sound attached.


Via a mobile phone camera and Snapchat app these could be placed, moved and scaled within an Augmented Reality version of the user's immediate environment.


Moving closer to any placed form makes its audio sequence louder, moving away makes it more quiet. By these means the user can create and move around their own soundscape.

The sequences had to be generally soothing, yet interesting as well as being suitable to create a layered soundscape in a freeform way.


The sounds are a mix of percussive backing, musical stings and natural sounds, such as birdsong.

An instructional video from Leap can be seen here; Snapchat filter guide

Partners for this project included Barnardos, Ikea and Leap