Architecture and Real Estate

We infuse architecture with innovation and elevate residential, retail and commercial developments to the next level with interactive lighting, AV systems and content

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We work with property developers to create innovative marketing suites, stunts and building features to sell their properties and attract tenants

Architects to integrate creative technology, content and responsive audio visual experiences into new industrial, retail or office developments

We use AR and VR to help visualise developments at the planning stages.

We are driven by sustainability and many of our projects use technology to augment, enhance or protect the natural landscape around developments whilst benefiting those using the spaces

We create innovative AV solutions for construction hoardings and state of the art showrooms for commercial and retail developments. We created the world's first social media powered shopping centre allowing visitors to control the mall with animation, light and sound

LED cladding, LED screens, transparent OLED screens and architectural projection mapping can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing developments.

Interactive collaborative software and smart control systems can increase productivity and save on utilities, minimising carbon footprints

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We can help infuse architecture with innovation or give existing developments a new lease of life. Complete below and let us tell you how:




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