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Interactive Elevator

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An interactive 'lift' 'elevator' to accompany the construction of a new hotel and residential complex in Stratford London for Manhattan Loft Corporation. The goal to make a construction site more interesting and entertaining, whilst educating prospective occupants and locals on the development

An interactive, virtual lift embedded in the hoarding surrounding a development being built. The lift buttons allow you to select different videos that tell you about the buildings vision, architecture and surroundings

We designed, built and installed a custom button panel, control system, interactive software, audio system and LED wall

Cutting edge digital hoarding and interactive virtual lift. Whole system is weather and vandal proof and was installed for the duration of the build

As a high-end commercial and residential property sales tool and community outreach initiative, prospective buyers and locals can find out more about the development. Thousands of people from the adjacent Westfield Shopping Centre and train station have eyes on the installation

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