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ich bin ein berliner

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We created 3D projection mapped content for historical stories of Berlin, projected across scale models of iconic buildings from the city's past and present.

We explore the story of the Borsig Steam locomotive, the wondrous ways in which East Berliners escaped over the wall and the buzz of the decadent 1920s.

Vivid audiovisual content reflects the artistry and the colourful character of Berlin, paying homage to the nightlife and cultural diversity the city residents are famous for.

We programmed a set of tablets to provide 'digital interp' allowing visitors to explore further the history of Berlin.

One of the features used a single building to tell several stories of amazing escapes from East to West Berlin during the cold war. We used a combination of visual illusions to show escapees preparing and executing audacious plans escaping by tunnel, balloon, and high-wire over the border.

The launch event was featured on national TV

We had around 3-months to complete the work in time for a marketing launch event

Berliners that had themselves managed to escape to the west attended the launch!