Experiential Pop-Ups

We create attention grabbing, innovative, experiential pop-ups

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We create innovative pop up stands, kiosks and PR stunts using projection mapping, LED screens and interactive technology

For an event, in a high footfall city center or as part of a larger campaign we create extraordinary, innovative, experiential pop-ups.

We work alongside agencies around the world to create pop ups that leave lasting impressions and generate huge engagement

We are a team of innovators with a successful catalogue of world firsts. We use video, animation, 3D, motion graphics, lighting, sound, projection mapping, show control, gesture control, touch, motion, face and eye tracking. XR extended reality, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, MR mixed reality and more...

Our content team have experience working with some of the most iconic entertainment brands and can create anything from particle effects and data visualisation to stunning 3D worlds and environments

Seeper can offer an end to end solution, from idea, through concept, into production and launch

Helping you target the widest possible audience with maximum impact

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