FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Fan Festival Interactive Experiences

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Seeper created a suite of interactive experiences for the 'Football Unites the World' FIFA pavilion at the Fan Festival for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Doha, Qatar.


All attractions are designed for scalability and ease of update - ready to roll out around the world as FIFA takes the exhibition on the road to global tournaments.  


The experiences were scoped to entertain and educate fans, locals and delegates at the only official fan experience park in Qatar during the tournament.  

The exhibition includes interactive experiences that let visitors play the role of the video assistant referee (VAR), find out more about participating nations, discover the best of the women’s game and explore FIFA’s outreach work.

Jump into VAR puts the visitor into the thick of the action, asking them to review a series of controversial incidents from 16 different playback angles and make crucial calls on goals, penalties, fouls, cards and more.

An interactive map of the world allows visitors to explore the 32 participating nations, selecting their favourites from a global map or rotary dial to enjoy videos, images or articles.

The Women's Football interactive allows fans to find out more about famous female footballers and winning womens’ teams; tracking the history of the women’s world cup back to 1991 and looking forward to the 2023 tournament in Australia and New Zealand.

Seeper were responsible for creating a rich, dynamic and functional UI that responds seamlessly to FIFA’s published content, with a consistent user experience developed across the suite of exhibits to bring intuitive, interesting and appealing content to all audiences.

Finally, two interactive installations communicate FIFA's key campaigns, including anti-discrimination, sustainability and educational initiatives through rich video, images and articles.

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