Last Will

Punch Drunk with seeper

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Prototype the next generation of interactive theatre, using hidden technology to make real a computer game like experience

Bridging the virtual and real world, online and offline players collaborated to solve a series of puzzles - as one player feels his way through dark passages from room to room, an unfamiliar voice tries to guide him, controlled by his partner – who can see things he cannot

Last Will was a multi-platform Immersive Theatrical Experience: the working prototype of an ambitious, genre-defying experience. “An old man who led an extraordinary life died, a recluse, leaving a mysterious will. The will finishes with the lines, ‘Somewhere in my house is a safe. Inside the safe is all the treasure of my life that is left. If you can find the safe and open it, the contents are yours.’”

A reactive network of hidden computers, actuators, sensors, lighting, sound and visuals all worked together to create a theatrical experience like nothing else

A select group of VIP from the press, media and more were hand selected to experience the project over a period of a week


Punch Drunk

Hide + Seek

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