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Shrek’s Adventure!

Merlin Entertainments and DreamWorks Animation launched London’s newest family attraction, Shrek’s Adventure! London on 1 July 2015. seeper worked on the design and installed the immersive technology!

Shrek’s Adventure! has arrived in London.

The immersive walk-and-ride-through indoor attraction features a combination of live performance, a 4D Bus ride, special effects, and DreamWorks animation. Guests are invited to take a DreamWorks ‘tour’ to the Kingdom of Far Far Away, which begins aboard a 4D flying bus ride featuring new 3D animation. At the end of the adventure in the ‘Arrivals Hall’, various DreamWorks characters can be found from popular animations including Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon.

seeper’s multi-sensory, immersive special effects and show control creates the magic, transporting visitors to Shrek! Adventure. Featuring projection mapping, dynamic lighting, multichannel sound, aroma, atmospherics and all the other secret ingredients.

Check it out yourself with tickets booked online at www.shreksadventure.com

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