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Last Will

Today’s world provides us with the opportunity to connect experiences using many different mediums. Last Will was a multi-platform Immersive Theatrical Experience: the working prototype of an ambitious, genre-defying experience.

“An old man who led an extraordinary life died, a recluse, leaving a mysterious will. The will finishes with the lines, ‘Somewhere in my house is a safe. Inside the safe is all the treasure of my life that is left. If you can find the safe and open it, the contents are yours.’”
Bridging the virtual and real world, online and offline players collaborated to solve a series of puzzles. As one player feels his way through dark passages from room to room, an unfamiliar voice tries to guide him, controlled by his partner – who can see things he can’t – and a reactive network of hidden computers, actuators, sensors, lighting, sound and visuals all worked together to create a theatrical experience like nothing else.
A collaboration between seeper, HP Labs, social gaming and interactive theatre pioneers Hide & Seek and Punchdrunk, supported by Arts Council England, Jerwood Foundation and the Technology Strategy Board.

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