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One of seeper’s goals is finding new and innovative ways for us to interact with technology, art and the world around us. We believe that our technology should be instinctive, natural additions to our lives: there to enrich, simplify and harmonise. The Geosphere is a new outlet for this quest.

Created for the PufferSphere – a multitouch, spherical screen developed in collaboration with Pufferfish – this interactive display allows users to navigate the globe and explore the internet in a 3D space. What we have created here is a fresh way to interact with the web, leaving behind the linear, page-to-page method of the past and stepping into a more tangible and embodied relationship with our content.

Pins in the map signal new YouTube uploads across the world. When the user touches a pinhead a pop up box appears displaying the latest YouTube video posted in that territory. This multitouch, multiuser experience is an intuitive and responsive insight into global online activity; a more natural experience of the visual-sharing culture that has engulfed the globe.

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