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Decode Lab V&A

Our passion for making music together is a primal and powerful impulse. Something to be celebrated and enjoyed. Something to get lost in. The history of every culture is saturated with this deep-rooted act of collaboration. Communities have congregated around instruments to laugh, cry and connect for as far back as we can be called human. Once, it was only the local community; now, evolving as always, we have global communities, virtually connected, finding new ways to interact and share. seeper believe in the power of community. We live it and breathe it every day; it’s at the centre of how we work and pursue our aims.

This project gave us a chance to unlock the intoxicating experience that is the jam to those without training or confidence – capturing the essence of the experience and using technology to fill in the gaps in knowledge.

A little preprogrammed musical intelligence allowed users full freedom of expression, letting them play, program and modulate a wide variety of instrumentation.
People of all ages stood, mesmerized by their own abilities, as they created something beautiful and authentic… together. And that’s important.

A truly community building experience, as music always has been, made accessible to all by seeper.

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