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Clear Noise

Clear Noise

Clear Noise has now finished showing at Le Cube. For enquires email hello@seeper.com.Video coming shortly.

Le Cube, Paris, 11-15 December 2012

CLEAR NOISE is an interactive installation about focus in a world of distraction. The advance of increasingly invasive and ubiquitous technology creates ever more mental noise. Exploring how this relationship might be reversed, CLEAR NOISE reminds individuals that they may still take control of their own headspace.

In the work, four rings orbit a central brain, each created procedurally as organically evolving forms using Seeper’s real-time graphics engine. Each ring represents the strength of a different mental state sensed by the brain sensors: noise, frustration, excitement and meditation. As the wearer focuses their mind and reduces the noise, these rings converge into a single point.

Technical Description
Electromagnetic radiation is read from the brain using an Emotiv EPOC headset equipped with 14 saline sensors. Advanced machine learning algorithms developed by Emotiv process these faint signals to estimate the emotional state causing their emission. The work processes these emotional states to drive a visual and sonic interpretation of the competing forces within the brain. All brains are different and the system’s interpretation varies between individuals.

The attendant will place the headset on your head, adjusting each sensor to the correct position on your scalp. It can take some tweaking to get each sensor reading correctly so please be patient. Please note that the sensors have to be dampened with saline solution in order to make a reliable connection with the head and it occasionally has difficulty sensing through thick hair.

When everything is reading correctly, you will be invited to sit on the stool in the centre of the room facing the projection and the attendant will activate the installation when you are ready. Focus your attention on the brain in the centre, concentrate and attempt to clear the noise as the system attempts to identify the dominant force in your mind.

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